About Us


Fintechtime magazine which was founded in 2016 as Turkey’s first fintech focused magazine has so far reached tens of thousands of fintech enthusiasts.



Since 2016 Fintechtime magazine has played an important role in developing the turkish fintech ecosystem and has been the media to bring the Turkish fintech ecosystem together. The Fintechtime magazine has published over 120 exclusive interviews of Turkish as well as international fintech professionals in its magazines and online.

The fintech ecosystem has supported Fintechtime with articles written by the most important players of the ecosystem.

Fintechtime had the privilege to be the voice of over 60 Authors each of them being influencers and pioneers of their own subject.

Since it was first published magazine Fintechtime has dedicated a part called Femtechtime in its magazine to women in technology with the mission to encourage woman to be included in the fintech, technology and entrepreneurship fields. A separate magazine called Femtechtime is planed for 2020.

Since 2018 Fintechtime has started bringing together the blockchain ecosystem also with its second magazine Blockchaintime.